The Plan

So, the blog. The newbie to this, I am.

I would like to make this website a kind of journal, consisting what I have shot in the past, and current work. It will feature some of my favourite archival photos, the unpublished ones and, most importantly, the photojournalism that I think some may find interesting.

Unlike in the other places I am publishing my works, the blog will consist (hopefully) much more daily work, which could be as well put in the drawer.

The blog will be written mostly in English, as I do not see a point in showing the specific, local (Polish) things to the locals, who most often feel it much better than I do.

Lastly, consider the blog to be a WIP – work in progress, I not only have to get used to the system, but also create some additonal pages and so on.




About Jack070

Photographer | Student | A Random Man
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