One walk in colour

Got much more b&w shots from that short walk, will get them on here soon.

Enjoy! (and let me know how those colors work, in this set you can see more than one way of editing and I’m not sure if they all are okay. Thank you!)


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76 Responses to One walk in colour

  1. Stamatis Gr says:

    the yellow stuff is blinding and I like it.
    Colorwise it’s a good set.

  2. Damien C. says:

    First one is my fav, I love all those textures.

  3. I really like the lady with the flowers. Nice subtle colors and good depth of field, very effective! Amazing how you’ve matched the colors of the flowers with the paint on the wall to the left, and the car to the right. Great work!

  4. LOVE the mom and daughter shot — so moving, and the color really ties them together and connects the viewer to the subjects. BEAUTIFUL!


  5. Tee says:

    Very cool! I like the way you tell the story through images. I’m a writer, and I like layers of meaning. I think your use of color adds texture and layers of meaning.

    • Jack070 says:

      I use mostly black and white as more direct way of getting to the viewer, as I mostly focus on textures, structures and compositions. Color comes in only if it plays an important role for the specific frame, I try to use it wisely. Thanks!

  6. Nice street photography! I love the variety of colors and the spontaneity of the images. Keep on sharing snaps like this. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed! 🙂

  7. plantdotty says:

    amazing shots! loved them all!

  8. Meghna_N says:

    I can’t choose any one of them. I like them all. 😀
    I’m not a pro so I’m not aware of the technical know-how of photography, but I absolutely love the colors and the angles…
    And btw Congratulations on Freshly Pressed!

    • Jack070 says:

      Thanks, and glad you like them. What we (all kinds of photographers) aim to is not getting to the pros who will look on the image in the technical way, it’s all about getting to the viewer who sees things in more ‘common’ (as in – not technical) way.

  9. gaycarboys says:

    love slices of life:)

  10. banbamama says:

    My favourite is the second last one. It’s really well framed and I love the vividness of the yellow. But best of all is all the different lines. Gives it great texture.

    • Jack070 says:

      Thanks! I’m trying to work more with textures lately, it it a great subject. Going to get some of the shots based on this idea uploaded soon 🙂

  11. I love how colorful your photos are. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  12. be awake says:

    very good shots! i like when colors are in a strong contrast. i have one question: in what city in poland did you take the first one? the sign is awsome, i’m curious if it’s some street art or there is some commercial place.

    • Jack070 says:

      Kraków, stąd zresztą jestem. A napis… szczerze mówiąc nie wiem, czego dotyczył. Stawiam na cel +/- artystyczny. Nie wnikałem, po prostu brutalnie go wykorzystałem 🙂

      • be awake says:

        cel osiągnięty 🙂 kraków… ma zawsze jakieś niespodzianki w zanadrzu.

        przeglądałam twoje zdjęcia na 500px — są świetne. dobre oko połączone ze szczęściem do ciekawych sytuacji = zdjęcie wskakujące w pamięć.

        życzę dalszych inspiracji!

      • Jack070 says:

        Mnie się Kraków trochę, niestety, przejadł. Ale ostatnio zaczynam go odkrywać na nowo, z nowym podejściem do fotografii.

        Dzięki, i polecam się na przyszłość 🙂

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  14. dddamaris says:

    This shots are awesome. I’m gonna have to keep looking through your photos. Love the urban shots

  15. suzi says:

    The yellow crates one is lush! I really like the colours and the shadows! 🙂 All really stunning pictures! 🙂 Thanks for sharing! And congratulations on being freshly pressed! 😀

  16. Well I’m new on this blogging site but your work is really amazing.

  17. Nice! The last three work the least for me. The first photo is the strongest.

  18. ournote2self says:

    Beautiful pics! I love how the red shoes pop in that last pic.

  19. Julia says:

    really love the color idea. great photos!

  20. Eva McCane says:

    excuisite photos! very fun and colorful. nicely done.

  21. nudosal says:

    Lovely set! Good I found you. 😀 I love colors and b&w. If having to pick my fav, it would be the first one. And my least fav. the one of the man drawing on the glass. But they are great!

  22. Great eye! yay on textures…can’t wait to see more 🙂

  23. fatisrecipes says:

    The dash of colour amid monotones is gorgeous! 🙂

  24. onetwentymn says:

    Love it, colors blend extremely well together!

  25. Love the woman and daughter with all the reds. Love the magenta door with pink lettering over the top. Great colors, great photos.

  26. Angeline M says:

    Great photos of the everyday that you’ve made look extraordinary. Great work!

  27. 7des7iny says:

    Good colour contrast always saves the day 🙂
    Thanks foir the photos!

  28. harly says:

    waw keren,, it i like,,
    I very like the 4th picture,,, it look a busi people,,,

  29. saltybi11 says:

    Great way to show your colors…

  30. xspan says:

    Really Like the last photo, grey and a dabble of colour, nice job

  31. HoaiPhai says:

    Usually, I find street photography (i.e. with people as the subject as opposed to cityscapes of the city itself) too confrontational, especially for me to attempt, but this is really good stuff! You’ve inspired me to take another whack at it with a more passive and gentle approach.

    • Jack070 says:

      Well, it’s all the matter of experience. I am much of a beginner, and I’m having hard times with shooting people who are close to me, about to notice that i am taking the photo of them. Glad this could serve as an insipration for you 🙂

      • HoaiPhai says:

        I’ve been taking photos for over 40 years and am still uneasy sticking a camera in people’s faces, even when they ask me to and in spite of good results most of the time. I don’t know how portraitists and wedding photographers do it!

      • Jack070 says:

        Wedding photographers are, so to say, authorized by the organisers and guests, whereas street photographer has no formal allowance – it’s comes down to people who doesn’t mind being shot photos of and those opposing. I am not a big fan of shooting portrait, and I can not really do this. The funny thing is that when I am asked, for example by a friend, to take their photo (with someone, or alone, whatever) I do it in the journalistic way – basic composition, light and everything – I can’t really attempt showing emotions through the portrait.
        What most of us do remember about is the ethics in street photography, that’s what stop some from being too direct. And there comes Bruce Gilden, changing your view on the genre… 😛

  32. saradorka says:

    Incredible, exquisite photography!
    I love especially how, though Colour is your absolute primary focus, all other aspects in photography are taken into extreme consideration- the focus, the sharpness, lighting, rule of 3rds… absolutely phenomenal.
    And, the last photo, the red shoes do pop, as a reviewer previously mentioned, but the subject’s blur in contrast to the incredibly focused background just speaks to me. Incredible.

    • Jack070 says:

      First of all, thank you.
      I am mostly working with black and white, as I try to focus on textures and composition. Color comes in only when it play the vital role in the scene, which is… not really often, so to say. I’m trying to limit the usage of color to the situations when it actually adds something to the photo. Glad you like it!

  33. Keira says:

    everything here is great…from the idea to realization (Y)
    i’m blown away…

  34. Hiba says:

    Wow amazing

  35. asdzz says:

    What is great post! 🙂 ( )

  36. i like this set a lot! if its film its gorgeous! if its digital then you did a great job of making it look not digital which is awesome!

  37. marykmhui says:

    I love the vibrant colours! I particularly like the last photo – it’s as if the woman has taken the paint off the steps and onto her shoes, and is in the process of transferring it to the next step. Great!

  38. coxcastillo says:

    i love the first one..i can feel the earth…haha love the texture..the color (not to mention the old lady) haha just kiddin…

  39. claryjace12 says:

    The guy that is writing on the window.. is my fave. your photos are really awesome =)

  40. juliacastorp says:

    nice nice nice, so retro

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