Test roll of tri-x

A roll of Tri-x 400, shot to check if my Zorki is still operative and to work on scanning with my new Epson V300. Zorki only suffers from the little light leak that I have to correct in post-processing (and lack of lightmeter, love the guessing). Oh, and I need to learn the 50mm with that terrible viewfinder through which you can’t really see what will be in the frame. As for the scanner, it seems that it can do much better than this, but I will first need some well-exposed roll to be able to exactly figure it out. The shots are just for testing purpose, shot in hurry, so be easy on ’em 😛


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9 Responses to Test roll of tri-x

  1. Nuno Canha says:

    Great set!
    Love the tri-x!

    • Jack070 says:


      Thought, it does much better if you have some lightmeter & a decent camera (+some good scanning). Still, I enjoy shooting film 😀

  2. Damien C. says:

    I think they look great, Jacko! You should see my Canonet to see some serious leaking.

  3. dandale says:

    Such a nice set, and lovely film!

  4. laurenhahs says:

    They look great. I love Tri-x film.

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