Black & white street photography #17

A double-decker ride involves shooting from an interesting point of view. And here are the results (Darn, it’s January and I’m still uploading shots from September, I should not have marked about 600 photos from one week trip as ‘useable’ :P)


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14 Responses to Black & white street photography #17

  1. Memographer says:

    A nice set, Jack. The second from the top is my favorite.

  2. peakness says:

    Love the first image. Great work, great blog (first time here).

  3. Muthe says:

    The first image made me smile (weirdly maybe), the different act of those 2 men. I also like the third one, it gives sense of “stop for a moment” 😀 Great shots ^^

  4. really like this ones, nice atmosphere..

    it’s the better snapshot, you feel the movement but yet i stand still and wonder….

  5. DF Photo says:

    fantastic set Jack!
    they are all great captures!

  6. PixelToko says:

    Great shots! Love the “rhythm” in these.

  7. Shaka says:

    i love them. keep it up for us.

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