Colour street photography #2 – Krakow

Sunny, warm days in January. Where is this world going? 😛
Anyway, the results are below – keep in my mind I mostly focused on light & shadow for the sake of attepting to get a kind of specific look in post-processing. Not sure if i managed to get what I thought of, or at least something worth looking into. You tell me.

Oh, as for the last shot – it’s “Where’s Wally”-like task – where is the non-mannequin? 😛

(Full-sized view advised)


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14 Responses to Colour street photography #2 – Krakow

  1. great shot. very good work.

  2. I like the strong colours and contrast on most of the photos. I find the last one, in B&W less appealing to my eye. But the firs three are top!



  3. memographer says:

    2nd from the top is the One.
    Always wanted to visit Krakow. Such a beautiful city!

    • Jack070 says:


      I really love living here, but it’s hardly a good place for street photography (little to no crowded areas, terrible backgrounds and so on).

  4. I love the first one the most! I’m almost positive the woman is inside, but I like how it looks as though she is both in and out. Sort of “one with the glass/window”.

  5. Carol C Lee says:

    LOVE Them 🙂 Great and as always Inspiring work! ~ C

  6. Stamatis Gr says:

    You managed to get that certain color saturated, exposed for shadows look.
    Still, my favorite is the last one 🙂

    • Jack070 says:

      The B&W one? 😛

      Thanks, and yeah – I’ve been trying to achieve that. With that little bit of knowledge I got from this exercise I’m going to feel much more comfortable with color in strong light.

  7. Trevor says:

    I like the first two shots the best…but for me, often your shots are too contrasty. In this instance, the 3rd and 4th shots lose too much detail by pushing the contrast after the fact for my taste. I realize that this is your personal preference, since your post-processing involves pushing contrast and often desaturating colors more than I like.

    Nice post overall!

    • Jack070 says:


      As I said, this post is somewhat experimental, and any constructive criticism is much appreciated, I want to know how people feel about it.
      The idea was to focus on lights and get deep shadows. It may not be the best use of it, but I hope that soon I will be able to put it in use in a better way 🙂

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