Black & white street photography #18 – photographers

Most of my B&W shots from London that focus on photographers, people who quite stand out in the crowd 🙂
One or two may have previosuly appeared here and there, but now they make some more sense altogether.


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10 Responses to Black & white street photography #18 – photographers

  1. gilmarcil says:

    Great! I also like taking shots of photographers. In my Flickr account, I have a set called «Le photographes photographiés». Welcome!

  2. Carol C Lee says:

    Great collection! 🙂 Makes me smile!

  3. Good idea, always. But how do we look while taking photos? Maybe some has captured that 😉

    • Jack070 says:


      I don’t think that there is a lot of photos of street photographers in work. After all, the whole thing is about being unnoticed, right? 😛

  4. lunny says:

    Moja mina, gdy próbuję zrobić zdjęcie – aż strach pomyśleć ;]
    Genialny pomysł.

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