Colour street photography #6

Another post focusing on deep shadows & strong sunlight. One of the shots taken with flash, I’m sure you will all notice which one is that 🙂


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16 Responses to Colour street photography #6

  1. Beautiful. Nice strong contrast

  2. You should go on with this. They are very good.

    • Jack070 says:

      Will do! Btw doing it for some time now, just take a look at few previous posts 🙂

      • Oh sorry. I didn’t mean it like this: BW-Photographer changed to color. I had been on tour on your blog, for sure.
        Cheers 😉

      • Jack070 says:

        No problem!
        I never really wanted to stick to B&W, I did it because I found it easier while focusing on composition. Now I feel a bit more confident with what I’m doing, so I can add caring about light, color & detail to that 🙂

      • That ist my way too! But I’m still more on the bw-side of the experience. Hope I’ll reach the next level soon. You are ahead.

      • Jack070 says:

        There is no “behind” and “ahead” imo. We have different styles, and we do it just the different way. Nothing to compare there.

      • Ahead is the wrong word, may be. It’s no competition. But I think, there is an amount of experience, or better, expirienced intuition. I noticed, if I’m leaving my camera at home, I still see situations, I’m “framing”. It’s funy. Would you agree, if I say: Experienced eye versus not experienced eye?

      • Jack070 says:

        I do it too, sadly. Hate to have no camera with me.
        On the other hand, I’m quite new to street photography & photography at all. Started maybe two years ago. Or a bit more, like 2,5. It’s not even a half of lifetime 😛

      • Well if you are 5 years old … A tall 5 year old child, regarding your point of view 😉

      • Jack070 says:

        I am a bit more lol
        But yea, you get my point 😛

  3. Hmmm, when was the first photo taken? I think I know 😉 Good shoots!

  4. Krunal says:

    fantastic street shots, love the use of light in your images

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