The tuning show

Shooting at event that is full of people can’t go right for me – I couldn’t just stick to taking photos of cars (For those go here).

And a teaser for the gallery from the show itself:


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3 Responses to The tuning show

  1. Dear Jacek,
    Like always a very nice set of pictures. I’ve just one non photographic question: What is 17mm in your tags meaning?
    Cheers –

    • Jack070 says:

      Thank you!
      I most often tag the post with most common used focal lenght, as people often look for something that allows them to visualize certain focal. It’s most often 17, 28 or 50mm for me.

      • Ah, thanks. I was rethinking my kind of tagging the other day and had a look what others do. Hm. 17mm is about 28mm from the old analog film days, is it? Your favorite focal length? May be I’m adding those kind of tags too. Hmhm.

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